lunes, 26 de octubre de 2009

Company Constitution

Setting a trade company in Venezuela.

To set a trade company Like any company, the first step is find a lawyer office or a lawyer to prepare the documents.

For company constitution

  1. Select and reserve the names.

  2. Prepare a constitution documents for a company

  3. Request the tax Registry.

  4. To publish the company constitution in the national government's newspaper.

  5. Set up the accountant books.

Once we have the company ready we need request some permission and submit some application :

  1. Inscription at S.I.E.X

  2. Inscription at Social Security.

  3. Inscription at Inces

  4. Inscription at Banavih

  5. Inscription at Mintra (N.I.L.)

  6. Request sanitary permission at SERMAT

  7. Request Fireman Office's permission

  8. Request permission to start to work from the local authorities.

  9. Request the industry and commerce patent.

To find a name you had to have in mind that the name need to be very unique in case of your names doesn't be available the document will be lost and maybe you need to pay again to the lawyer.

Try to be clear of the final usage of your company. Your capital must show that.

Be aware your social description isn't to small that avoid your own growth.

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