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How to find the ideal partner for your company

"Two heads are better than one" said the people. Many entrepreneurs with good ideas decide to join, since they see it as an opportunity to realize their business successfully.

With a partner we can share the risk in the business, Additionally, from the business view, there are more possibilities for innovation and creativity, because two or more people have more ideas than only one.

Moreover, you can share the management tasks and not concentrating the power in one person, tue to that mean more weakness and stress. To do this, is important to visualize the partner's skills, each partner engages in what he does best or where he has greater capabilities.

However, by forming partnerships may arise some difficulties. There may be more conflict when taking decisions, because we have to assign or to reach a consensus. Moreover, profits are divided among more people.

How to avoid?

When choosing a partner, it is recommended to look at some basics:

  1. The person you are looking for must have experience in business, either an administrator or a businessman.

  2. You should feel that that person can speak with confidence, ie that there is "chemistry" between you and your partner, for which one must know the strengths and weaknesses of each.

  3. The person you choose should be committed to the job and able to deliver their best at all times.

  4. One of the most common mistakes is to choose a partner either by the availability of capital, by friendship or family relations. It is important to prioritize your work capacity and compatibility ...

Once you've chosen your partner, the second challenge is for society to operate successfully. This, as many societies disintegrate over time by several factors

You must define in advance the roles and responsibilities at the beginning of the relationship. It is advisable to leave in writing and clearly specified the tasks of each partner and charges that will have within the business. Then a lawyer must certify this information to be legal.

Another breaking reason is not to develop a detailed business plan that includes such aspects as clearly define your products or services, your target market, the aspects that differentiate it from the competition (I'm better than them), geared to customer, understand their needs and requirements among others.

Perseverance, trust, customer orientation and tolerance are the keys to maintaining a society over time. In life things are better together than individually and in the business world that is an irrefutable truth. Society is like marriage: you have to deal with it every day.

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