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How to organize your business properly.

A poorly structured company is synonymous with chaos and inefficiency. Prevent this happening to your business.

Most profitable companies that are experiencing serious problems in the way they organize their daily work. This can be seen in businesses where workers take jobs that do not concern them, or nobody knows what to do.

Organization is defined as the process of ordering and distributing work, authority and resources among members of an organization, so that they can achieve better goals. Therefore, a good organization of the company is fundamental to achieving the goals. Here are some steps to get started:

  1. Have clear objectives. The first step to give structure to your business is to have well-defined mission, vision and goals to reach and communicate properly with the rest of its members. Should be simple, understandable and easy to memorize. Once clear these issues, you can define what functions or tasks are key to achieving the objectives.

  2. Have clear business resources. The second step is to examine its workers: how many and who they are, if you are starting out, see how many you need and what are their capabilities and talents. It should also be aware of the tools with which your company has to achieve its results, to minimize their costs.

  3. Make a list of activities to be performed. Once clear goals to reach and resources, list of activities or tasks of the company. Define what priority and which are dependent on others, and how many people are required to perform each activity. For example, if it is a delivery company, you should point the tasks necessary for good service, as receiving calls, office products, after sales service, etc.. The important thing is that it is not any work out. You can talk with other entrepreneurs heading to see how it has structured its business and have an idea about it.

  4. Split these activities in units. Specify which constitutes, how long it takes to run and what are the objectives of each, in line with the ultimate goals of the company.

  5. Asigne cada actividad a la persona idónea. Elija a la persona que podría ejecutar de mejor forma cada tares, según sus habilidades, conocimientos y motivaciones. Escoger a la persona correcta es fundamental para lograr los resultados esperados, por lo que no se apresure en hacerlo. Asegúrese de que sus empleados han comprendido perfectamente lo que se les pide y están de acuerdo.

  6. Choose the leader. In business, you need a person at the head of everything. If the company is small and has few employees may be directed by a single chief, but increases the number of workers will have to think of middle management.

  7. Keep up to date the company organization. Watch for changes. Over time, the current organization of the company may be inadequate for the conditions internal or external changes. Renew your company for your needs.

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