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Elive is a complete operating system for your computer. It is the perfect choice for replacing your proprietary, high-cost system. It is built on top of Debian GNU/Linux and customized to meet your needs for a complete operating system while still offering the user eye-candy, with minimal hardware requirements.

Turn your old computer into a high-powered work-station with an Interface that will dazzle anyone who sees it. This is Elive's goal.

Elive comes with a full suite of applications for either work or leisure. It offers everything from a full Office suite to games and Multimedia. You can enjoy watching movies to making your own. Creating DVD movies with custom menus and theme music can easily be accomplished by using the included real-time non-linear video editor. Elive gives you the ability to make 3D animations, edit and manipulate audio and image files for better quality, effects, or design.
Elive is a very stable system that will continue to run day after day without problems. The Enlightenment desktop is ultra-fast and perfectly stable with no random errors or surprises. There are no viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, or any similar nuisance. Elive is a secure and serious system.

Elive uses Open Source Software. This means, among other things, that you have access to the source code of the programs as well as the permissions to modify and adapt them to your personal needs with perfect legality.

Elive is made with and for pleasure. Things designed with pleasure are worlds better than the things designed due to a workers obligation.

Elive is not made for newbies. Elive is not made for experienced people. Elive is not made for enterprises or personal user. Elive is art. It is simply for the people who appreciate it and want to use it. Feel free to try Elive, because only you decide what you want in this world!

Distributions main features

Debian based: Elive is a distribution which is based on the well known Debian, providing recent packages and stability. Elive replaces the Debian packages with customized version if needed (More than 500 packages have been added or customized.)

e-logo Enlightenment powered: The Enlightenment window manager provides a desktop featuring a fast, light, very flexible environment that still offers eye candy and all the necessary resources to run your day to day applications. Elive includes E16, for speed and stability, along with a special version of E17 selected from cvs (regularly updated through Elive's test branch repository. Most of the programs built on top of the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries are also included.
heart2 Intuitive: Elive aims to be a comfortable easy to use Linux system with many customization possibilities. It provides maximum power and speed for the experienced user. In a fully configured environment where user friendly tools are centralized in an original control panel to help easily manage your system.
lightning Fast: One of the most important goals of Elive is to be fast and easy to use. You can control your PC like you always did or you have the possibility to work in a different way. With only one keypress you can open any desired programs or launch any action. You can resize, iconify, move or switch between desktops.
cloud Minimum Requirements: The minimum hardware for running Elive is a 100 Mhz CPU and 64 MB of RAM, but the minimum recommended hardware is 300 Mhz and 128 Mb of RAM. You do not need any special graphics card or 3D acceleration to run Elive.

Where Debian meets Enlightenment

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